Alkaline chart for reference


Fiesta salad

This salad has all the good stuff!

Romaine lettuce


Black beans


Red peppers

Black olives

Cherry tomatoes

Green onions

And a spicy avocado sauce!

Mix and enjoy!

Join me on a journey to a better lifestyle…

I am on a journey to change my self to an alkaline body. Its a cancer fighter. As you all probably know by now I have been battling Ovarian Cancer for the past year. I am on the road to a full recovery, thank God for blessing me. So now it is in my hands, I plan to make alot of changes in my lifestyle!

I would love for you to ride along and give support and maybe inspire you too!

I will be adding photos and recipes soon. Feel free to comment or share something of yours!

Chicken Slaw Wrap

I’m making some roasted chicken slaw wraps for my lunch tomorrow.

So tasty and totally good for you…

Roasted chicken breast

Apple slaw (red and green cabbage, carrots, granny smith apples, green onions, celery seeds)

Radishes julienned

Romaine lettuce strips

Avocado yogurt sauce

Low carb wrap

Now that’s a wrap I can eat repeatedly!